Roman blinds, London blinds and roller blinds,
made to fit your window perfectly 

If you're wanting to use that designer fabric and you're desperate to add a bit of personality and a splash of colour, then a roman blind designed inside or outside the recess can be a great choice. Roman blinds are more cost effective than curtains and can give a window a luxury feel.

Roman blinds can also look great with a contrast border edge or trim, we are happy to offer a huge variety of contemporary, fun or traditional embellishments from many different suppliers. Trims can often be a jumping off point for your whole design and can be a great way to add a bit of luxury.  

All of our blinds are interlined and lined depending on your requirements, and can be measured within or outside the recess. 

We are happy to advise you on bay windows, london blinds and roller blinds.

All our blinds are professionally fitted with a child safe chain mechanism. We have also mastered the little pockets that can cover the headrail if hung outside the recess of the window - it's all in the detail! 

Happiness is handmade

Fable and Willow is proud to collaborate with the following designers and suppliers.

Country Linens

Meg Morton
Olive and Daisy
Sarah Hardaker
Jacqueline Milton
Kate Forman
Vanessa Arbuthnott
Cabbages and Roses
Ian Sanderson
Titley and Marr
Sophie Allport
Peony and Sage
Tori Murphy

Paint Suppliers

Fenwick and Tilbrook
Farrow and Ball
Little Green

Bold and Bright

Designers Guild
Baker Lifestyle
Salon Libertine
Jane Churchill
Charlotte Gaisford
Lorna Syson
Nina Campbell


Samuel and Sons
Copper Fox
The Pompompery
Edmund Bell
Acorn Polishing

Modern Classics

Morris and Co
Designers Guild
Villa Nova
Style Library
GP Baker
Clarke and Clarke
Studio G
Tradescant and Sons
Fibre Natural
Walcott House
Jones Interiors
Hallis Hudson
Byron and Byron
Alison Davies
Evans Interiors

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